Your PERFECT Long Term Marketing Tool

Would you like to see your referral business grow while showing your customers that you care about them and water conservation? Both of these are achieved with the Bralin Water Alarm.

Simply leave a Bralin Water Alarm with your customer after every service call. 


My Bralin Water Alarm alerted me to a leak before I had a disaster on my hands. I’m so thankful!


I love the added security it gives me.


How has nobody thought of this before? Water alarms make so much sense!



Water Heater

Under Sinks


Help Clients Avoid Property Damage from Leaks or Floods

You have a greater chance of having a flood in your house than a fire.

Leaking pipes rank #2 behind hurricanes in both home damage and insurance claims.

Average leak claims are nearly $5,000 and 32% of homes will experience a water leak.

An EPA fact – “Many states are projecting water shortages in the coming years.”

A 1/8 inch hole in a pipe with 40 pounds of water pressure (less than most homes) will leak 2,400 gallons of water in a day.


Tell Your Clients: Being Water Wise Starts at Home

Most insurance policies do not cover for slow leaks as they consider it a maintenance issue.

Some insurers will now provide a premium credit to policies after water alarms are installed.

Most mold problems are caused by undetected, slow leaks.

Once your home has mold, it must be disclosed to the buyer should you sell.